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Special Education

Every student deserves the same opportunities to learn and succeed. 

As a parent of children with special needs, I know the challenges of trying to get support for my children. We must ensure that students are not forced to leave their community school and go to congregated school to meet their needs (although this is an option that must remain available for those that choose it).

As a School Trustee, I learned that students with special needs were suspended at a higher rate than students without special needs. I want to know if this is the case for students with special needs at EPSB, and if so I will address it.

"As your School Trustee, I will fight to ensure any changes to special education guidelines are only made after transparent public consultations with key stakeholders.

I will push the government to fully fund Specialized Learning Supports for disabled students and students with diverse needs.


I believe Trustees should have a list of all schools in the EPSB that still have seclusion rooms. Trustees should have a list of how many times each school used the seclusion room in the previous year, and a plan should be developed by the school to eliminate the the use of seclusion rooms.

I am the only candidate with experience in improving inclusion and special education at a school board level and you can count on me to keep working for improvements." 

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