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Edmonton Public School Board  Backlog of School Repairs




The cost of repairs needed to fix our schools at the Edmonton Public School Board was $812 Million in March 2021. The cost to complete the disrepairs is increasing by more than $70,000/day and will reach $1 Billion soon unless the board receives more funding. I believe it is vital for our students to have a safe and comfortable building for learning.


If repairs are not completed now, it will cost taxpayers MORE to fix later, so we need funding for this quickly. Many schools require urgent ventilation in order to protect students from COVID. Other important repairs include roofing, windows, structural, and electrical repairs. In our community, Harry Ainlay, Lendrum and McKee require the most repairs and I will fight for these repairs to be completed.


As a former School Trustee, to improve transparency I voted to release the repair backlog for each school and the Facilities Condition Index. I also presented a motion which passed to release the updated repair backlog for the entire board.

"I will work with our provincial government to make school repairs a priority and I will push to release this information for EPSB Schools."

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