New Curriculum

In March 2021, the Ministry of Education released a draft of the new elementary curriculum. As a former elementary teacher with a Social Studies minor, I personally believe the curriculum is deeply flawed in numerous ways. I am fighting to stop the curriculum and I am volunteering with Support Our Students Alberta.


The Ministry of Education is allowing boards the choice of participating in a pilot trial of the curriculum, and I hope this pilot will lead to significant changes in the curriculum at each grade level. Feedback must be sought and incorporated from not only teachers but also Educational Curriculum experts and First Nations leaders. It must be based on modern education principles of how children learn best and the changes must also comply with the recommendations of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“I have read the new curriculum. Although it does include good updates on financial literacy, computers, and consent, it is still deeply flawed in many critical areas.


I will show leadership and advocate strongly for the EPSB to not participate in a pilot of this curriculum.


Furthermore, I cannot support this curriculum being imposed in 2022 until significant changes are made in numerous crucial areas.


If elected School Trustee on October 18th, I promise to hold a Trustee Townhall on the New Curriculum with a guest speaker who is an expert on the curriculum to speak about what parents can do to fight against the draft curriculum."