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I am proud to have the support of so many leaders and friends from across our Ward F community.


"I have served the Alberta School Councils' Association for over 10 years and I can tell you, Ken thoroughly understands the issues facing EPSB."

Mike Lanteigne

Chair, Esther Starkman School Council 2011-2021

Twin Brooks Community League, Past President

"I was Ken's supervising teacher when he completed his teaching practicum with EPSB. It would be fantastic to have someone who has actually been an EPSB teacher become a School Trustee here at EPSB."

Terri-Lyn Staples

EPSB Teacher


"Ken has been fighting against the new curriculum from day one, so I know he will fight hard for all of us."

Ranjit Deol

MacTaggart Resident and parent

"Ken's experience as a former EPSB teacher and TDSB School Trustee make him the best choice for School Trustee. Experience matters."

Lindsay Walker

Parent Council Member, Ward F

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lauren dary.jpg

"Ken has worked hard as a member of our Community League Executive and has proven to be an experienced leader, so I am very confident he will be a great School Trustee."

Lauren Dary

Brookview Resident and parent

"I've known Ken for 17 years and I like his detailed plan to keep children safe during COVID."

Bruce King

Aspen Gardens Resident and parent

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"I have never before recommended a candidate for public school trustee. I met Ken canvassing and he explained his platform and answered our questions.

I encourage people in Ward F to learn about his experience and priorities."

Margaret and David Blue

Carter Crest Residents

"Ken is the only candidate that knows so many of our schools. He graduated from Westbrook, Grandview and Scona. He also did teaching practicums at Malmo and Sweet Grass. Ken's knowledge of our schools and experience as an EPSB teacher makes him my first choice and he has my support."

Suneet Saran

Grandview Heights Resident and parent


"Ken is a thoughtful, positive and friendly person who enjoys supporting his community. He has been an active and insightful member of our School Council. He has a passion for education and excellence combined with a calm leadership demeanor."

Christina Reboh

EPSB Parent Council Chair

"Ken worked hard to improve equity for students and took leadership to get our school repairs done. He will make an excellent addition to the Edmonton Public School Board."

Alexander Brown

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Toronto District School Board

AlexanderBrown (1).jpg

It is exciting to see Ken has experience as a Trustee in another large city because he will bring diverse experience and a fresh perspective to the table. Most importantly, Ken is bright, full of ideas and will listen.

Cheryl Feldstein

Greenfield Resident and Parent

"I have known Ken for almost 20 years. His financial analysis experience as a School Trustee in Toronto will be a great asset to the EPSB. He will be a great School Trustee for my grandchildren."

Maureen Watson

Malmo Resident and Grandparent


"Our community schools Esther Starkman and Nellie Carlson are both well over capacity. Ken's plan to fight for new school construction is a smart plan. I strongly support Ken."

David Schumacher

Terwillegar Towne Resident and parent

"I’ve known Ken for years and believe with his experience both as a teacher here and as a trustee in Toronto, he’d be a great choice for trustee for Ward F."

Dustin Tkachuk

Belgravia Resident and parent


"I reviewed all candidates' platforms and had an opportunity to talk to Ken. I have never recommended any candidate in the past, but I would like to say Ken is a very strong candidate with essential experience and a true understanding of education."


Andrew Yin

Terwillegar Gardens Resident & Parent

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