I believe it is important to reach across party lines and work together to get things done for our city.

I am proud to have the support of so many leaders and friends from our community.

lauren dary.jpg

"Ken has worked hard as a member of our Community League Executive and has proven to be an experienced leader, so I am very confident he will be a great School Trustee."

Lauren Dary

President, Brookview Community League

"Ken respects taxpayer dollars and will ensure they are spent appropriately. His past experience as a School Trustee makes him the best choice to be our School Trustee in Ward F."

Ken Goble, Past-President, Belgravia Community League


"Ken has been fighting against the new curriculum from day one, so I know he will fight hard for all of us."

Ranjit Deol

Mactaggart Resident

"Ken has demonstrated excellent fiscal responsibility as the School Trustee.

Unlike his opponent who resigned from City Council and took $112,000 severance from taxpayers, Ken is not collecting any severance from the school board. As the Budget Chair at the board, he eliminated the structural deficit, which was a fantastic accomplishment."

Andrea Micieli

Past President, Toronto Taxpayers Coalition


"Our community schools Esther Starkman and Nellie Carlson are both well over capacity. Ken's plan to fight for new school construction is a smart plan.

I strongly support Ken."

David Schumacher

Terwillegar Towne Resident

"My daughter attends ____ school. Ken will fight for new Special Programs for our schools."


_______ Resident

helen cao.jpg

"Ken understands the importance of serving his constituents and he will work hard for everyone."

Matt Ansari


Henry Farm Resident

"Ken is committed to community consultation. I look forward to attending his Ward Forums and love his dedication to engaging with the community."


Past Parent Council Chair, _______ School


"I have known Ken for almost 20 years. His experience as a School Trustee in Toronto will be a great asset to the EPSB. He will be a great School Trustee for my grandchildren."

Maureen Watson

Malmo Resident

"We miss Ken's sense of humour, and his leadership to get our school repairs done. He will make an excellent addition to the Edmonton Public School Board."

Alexander Brown

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Toronto District School Board