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Early Learning and Childcare

Early learning and childcare is an issue that matters to many families. I have been a member of an Early Years Advisory Committee in the past because I strongly believe in the importance of early learning and childcare for our families and schools. As a School Trustee in Toronto, I successfully added 144 Early Learning and Childcare spaces in my community and I am committed to working again to add spaces. Affordable, accessible and high quality spaces are needed and I will play an important role as your Trustee.

  1. I will advocate for an integrated system of early learning and care that is high in quality, affordable, accessible, and inclusive for all families that need it.

  2. I will advocate to the provincial government for funding and infrastructure guidelines to include dedicated child care space within new school builds and renovations, as a reliable support for families and children in the school community.

  3. EPSB staff should engage with City of Edmonton staff, the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care, and other levels of government to convene and resource a Data Working Group to ensure that the data required for needs assessments and for planning and managing a system of early learning and care are collected, analyzed, and shared to inform distribution of and access to early learning and care.

  4. EPSB staff should engage with City of Edmonton staff, the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care, the provincial government, and community partners, to convene and resource a Problem-Solving Working Group to address issues in finding space, co-locating services, and addressing issues of affordability, quality, and inclusiveness in early learning and care in or around schools and communities where services are needed by families of young children.

  5. EPSB staff should develop partnership guidelines or regulations to provide a framework for school and child care partnerships within school buildings or nearby community child care centres within the school attendance area. The guidelines will outline school and child care engagement and collaboration to support high-quality programming, environments and child/family involvement. Examples may include involving child care centres in school events such as assemblies, sports days or artist in residence, and providing access to professional learning and resources for child care staff.

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