Supporting subways and transit is not enough. We need a councillor who makes expanding our subways the number one priority. 



"Building subways is my number one priority. Now is the

Time For Change because we need bold vision at City Hall. The federal government has already committed almost $9 Billion over ten years. This alone is more than the cost of connecting the Sheppard line west to Sheppard West Station and building the Relief Subway Line. The new provincial government has also pledged to write a large cheque so we can build more than one subway. They are interested in connecting the Sheppard Subway to Scarborough Town Centre."

Relief Subway Line

The Relief Line is scheduled to be completed in two phases.  The first phase is called Relief Line South and it is almost shovel ready. It will go east from Queen station, and then north to Pape station.

It will take many riders off the Yonge line and this reduced crowding will benefit riders from Don Valley North, particularly during rush hour when it is now near impossible to even simply get on a subway downtown to go home as each car is full.


The second phase is called Relief Line North and it will go from Pape station further north, likely along Don Mills Road past Eglinton to Sheppard. It will connect to the Sheppard subway line.

“Although this subway is still many years away from completion, I will work hard to make the Relief Line North a reality. The Yonge line is too crowded, especially at rush hour and this will help reduce crowding significantly."

Subway Delays

Every day, thousands of Torontonians rely on the TTC to get to work. But sometimes there is a mechanical or track failure that causes giant delays resulting in lost productivity and costs us financially.


In January 2017, Council voted against spending $1.2 million to improve signal, track and power reliability.


"I will fight for this maintenance to prevent TTC delays that are far too common on the Yonge line."