Fraud Schemes

Fraud Schemes

Seniors are susceptible to many types of fraud. Fairview Information Network serves many of these seniors and knows first hand the struggles and challenges they face.

"I will work with our community groups like Fairview Information Network to support vulnerable seniors, and I will hold annual community meetings specifically for seniors with tips and strategies to prevent different types of fraud."


Rent Control and Property Taxes

Many seniors depend on rent control to stay in the home they have happily rented for decades. Others struggle on a fixed income to pay for property tax increases and worry they will be forced from their homes.

"I support rent control and will work to minimize property tax increases for seniors."


Wheel Trans

Wheel-Trans is depended on by many seniors. Far too often, it does not arrive on time to pick up customers. Additionally, many seniors who need the service are denied service.

"We must improve Wheel-Trans and make it more reliable for seniors."