Our city has seen many tragic acts of violence using firearms. Some of my opponents disagree with banning handgun and ammunition sales in Toronto as this will only eliminate some violence. I strongly disagree and believe we must take all steps that can minimize violence using fire arms.


“I support a ban on handgun and ammunition sales in Toronto."


As the TDSB School Trustee, I led the fight to keep Marijuana stores away from our schools. I made a motion which was passed asking for the TDSB to be consulted by the province and the City of Toronto before any stores were opened so that we could alert them if a store was close to a school. Mayor John Tory spoke in support of my motion.


“I will lead the fight to keep Marijuana stores away from our schools."

Safer Streets

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation has many good ideas for making our streets safer including putting traffic calming into all elementary school zones by 2022 and streamlining the process to install traffic calming.


“As the School Trustee, I have heard from many parents worried about the safety of the streets in front of our schools. As a parent of young children, I agree. I will push to make our roads safer in all school zones."

Technology to Reduce Speeding

Speeding is an issue faced by many home owners. Problem spots are known on Brian, Burbank, Cherokee, Havenbrook, Kingslake, McNicoll, Nymark, Shaughnessy, Seneca Hill and Van Horne.


“I want more solar powered speed display signs to help reduce speeding in our community. I think we need to consider technologies that can make our streets safer."

Save 33 Division Police Headquarters

Without a word of protest from our city councillor, 33 Division police headquarters is set to close. This division is responsible for keeping our community safe and is located near Don Mills and York Mills. But it is scheduled to be closed, with all officers redeployed to 32 Division just west of Yonge street.


“I will lead the fight to keep our 33 Division police headquarters."