Repairs and Maintenance

The TDSB has a $4.1 billion dollar backlog for repairs to our schools. These repairs are important because our children need well maintained schools. Many schools in Don Valley East are in desperate need of repairs and funding to build new classrooms so that portables are not required.


I have worked hard to get more money from the Ministry of Education for repairs and am very proud the hard work has paid off with $645 in NEW funding over three years which is making a big difference in our schools. This is a very good step at tackling the problem. I have also made a motion that the Government of Ontario replace all school with a repair backlog higher than what it would cost to simply tear down the whole school and build a brand new one.  It just makes sense.

I will continue to work with the province to help solve this problem. 


“I understand the importance of completing these repairs. As your Trustee, I have lobbied our MPPs, and I am working with them so that these overdue repairs can be completed."



UPDATE March 2018!

Big Repair Projects

Over the next eight months, there are some big repair projects coming to our schools. It includes six schools on a pilot program for schools without any air conditioning to install a room with air conditioning to be used as a cooling station for all students during extreme heat. Below is a PARTIAL list of big repairs:

  • Ernest - Parking lot repairs (DONE);

  • Seneca Hill - New windows; air conditioning in gym

  • Georges Vanier - new air conditioner, new windows and new lockers; new front entrance (DONE), boilers (DONE),

  • Woodbine - barrier free upgrades,

  • Kingslake - Parking lot repairs;

  • Brian - new roof(DONE), air conditioning in gym

  • Muirhead - Playground upgrade, air conditioning in gym

  • Pleasant View Middle School - new lockers

  • Forest Manor - New Windows

  • Shaughnessy - Boiler, Parking lot repairs (DONE) and solar panel installation (DONE) and new windows(DONE)

  • Lescon - Childcare expansion (DONE); air conditioning in gym

  • George S Henry - parking lot repairs (DONE);

  • Fenside - new roof (DONE);

  • Rene Gordon - New windows;

  • Ranchdale - New FDK washrooms; boilers

  • Milne Valley - boilers

  • Broadlands - Roof repairs (UNDERWAY), parking lot repairs

  • Three Valleys - parking lot repairs, barrier free upgrades

  • Don Mills CI - Roof repairs (DONE), parking lot repairs (DONE), new lockers;

  • Don Mills Middle School - Roof repairs (UNDERWAY)

  • Vic Park CI - New track (DONE), Parking lot repairs and new lockers;

  • Victoria Village - parking lot repairs

  • Sloane - air conditioning in library, new windows and new columns, barrier free upgrades, new washroom

  • Cassandra - New roof (DONE), air conditioning in gym or library

  • Greenland - Kindergarten playground, roof repairs.


Roofing Repairs

Roofs have been repaired at the following schools since I began my role of Trustee in December 2014:

Brian, Broadlands, Cassandra, Cherokee, Crestview, Dallington, Don Mills Middle School, Don Mills CI, Don Valley Middle School, Donview Middle Health and Wellness Academy, Ernest, Fenside, Forest Manor, Georges Vanier, George S Henry, Greenland, Kingslake, Lescon, Milne Valley, Muirhead, Pleasant View Middle School, Rene Gordon, Shaughnessy, Three Valleys, Victoria Village, and Woodbine Middle School.


More roof repairs will take place in 2018 including Greenland and Roywood.