Other Issues

Participatorty Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting has been a huge hit in our community! Community members have come up with simple and complex ideas which are making the community better for all of us. Residents have submitted their ideas, and then rallied the community going door to door to get votes for their project.


“I have heard many great ideas through Participatory Budgeting that we still need to look at including more water bottle stations in parks and playgrounds enhancements, and safety measures. I support bringing back Participatory Budgeting and will support you to put forward an idea."

Term Limits

In order for Democracy to thrive in municipal government, term limits are essential. Without term limits, we get the city council we currently have where councillors from the left and right attack each other for being out of touch, but continue as city councillor for decades.


“Four terms is more than plenty. It is time for term limits."

Ranked Ballots

As the school Trustee, I put forward a motion supporting Ranked Ballots because I believe strongly it will reduce negative campaigning and eliminate strategic voting. Many large cities in the USA already use Ranked Ballots for their municipal elections.


“I will continue to champion ranked ballots and bring it to Toronto's municipal elections."

Newcomer Supports

New residents to Canada face many challenges when they arrive, and many begin their life in Canada here in Don Valley North. These neighbours need support navigating our school system, levels of government, finding employment, learning English and adjusting to our culture.  We are fortunate to have some great agencies in Don Valley North working to support new Canadians.


“I will fight for more supports for our newest Canadians."

Repair Cafe

Too often, we throw out household items such as small appliances, computers, electronics, clothes, jewellery and books. There are already groups of neighbours in Toronto that volunteer to help others learn how to repair these household items. We need to expand this community initiative.


“I will work with groups like www.repaircafetoronto.ca to help prevent waste from going to our landfills."

Tree For Me

Tree For Me is a community powered group tree planting program for your home. It is funded by the City of Toronto. Toronto needs to reach 40% tree cover, and to do this, the group supplies you with a tree to plant in your front or back yard. FREE.


“I believe everyone deserves to have access to trees and the benefit of trees. I will work with groups like www.treeforme.ca to help increase the tree cover."