Improving Access to French and Special Programs

Parents have asked for better access in Don Valley East to the most popular TDSB programs.  I have worked hard and held many meetings with staff to improve access to our programs.  

I am very excited to announce the new STEM+ program at Georges Vanier SS. This program will have a challenging entrance exam for 60 students. The program is centred on enriched math, enriched science, enriched computing science, community service, and global studies.


Currently the TDSB offers French Immersion at six schools in Don Valley East: Brian; Broadlands; Dallington; and Don Valley Middle School. In September 2017, two new programs opened at Ernest and O'Connor.


Extended French is presently available at Rene Gordon, Cassandra, Cherokee, and Milne Valley Middle School. In September 2016, I expanded the program at Rene Gordon from one to two classes, and opened a new program at Cherokee. In 2018 a new program will open at Pleasant View.


We have many special programs including the International Baccalaureate at Milne Valley Middle School and Victoria Park CI. There is a Cyber Arts program available at Don Mills Middle School and Don Mills CI.

“I am excited there are now more schools in our area offering Extended French, French Immersion, and we have the first STEM+ program at Georges Vanier with Enriched Science, Computing Science and Math.”