• I am a former EPSB teacher and former TDSB School Trustee who will bring Experienced Leadership to the EPSB.

  • I am proud to live in Ward F with my family.

  • My children are both EPSB students. 

  • I completed my Degree in Education at the University of Alberta.

I grew up in this ward and graduated from Westbrook, Grandview, and Scona High School. I left Edmonton after working as an elementary teacher with the Edmonton Public School Board. 


I moved to Toronto and in 2014, I was elected as a School Trustee for the Toronto District School Board. At the TDSB, I served on the Budget Committee and was elected as Chair. As the Chair of the Budget Committee, I successfully eliminated the structural deficit without impacting classrooms by cutting central discretionary budgets for Superintendents and finding savings in technology and transportation.

I expanded special program offerings in my community for students with Autism, French Immersion, and STEM. I was the lead advocate fighting to fix our schools and ensure repairs were completed. I stood up to fight against hatred and to keep Marijuana stores away from schools.

As a Trustee, I had a 97% attendance record at board meetings and was constantly holding Ward Forums to make myself accessible to constituents and answer their questions. In fact, I held 32 ward forums in four years, more than any other Trustee.

I also worked hard to attend graduations and attended 120 graduations over four years!

I believe Experienced Leadership is needed at the EPSB.

On October 18, Vote KEN LISTER.