Children and Youth

Youth Job Fairs

In 2017, I convinced our City Councillor to work with me to offer a free youth job fair. It was a HUGE hit, and needs to be continued as there are many youth and young adults who need help searching

for work.

"I am committing to hosting youth job fairs every year for youth to connect with employers.


Playground Enhancements

As the School Trustee, I see clearly that our community is growing with many young families moving into our area and school enrolments increasing. I believe our playgrounds are vital to our children and our community, but some playgrounds need repairs or expanding.

"I will work to keep our playgrounds modern, safe, and large enough for our growing community."

Improve Children's Services

I have heard many horror stories from families seeking daycare. Many of these issues are the direct result of a department that needs to modernize and improve its service coordination. This will reduce operating costs, and those savings can be used to fund

more subsidized spaces.


“As a Trustee, I have been successful in increasing daycare spaces in our area, and I promise to continue this fight and ensure the customer service improves."